Technical Support in Corporate Worship

Our church had a worship seminar entitled “The Head and Heart of Worship”.  We had invited over 700 people from different worship teams to join us in a 3 day conference.  Speakers of the conference we’re different Pastors and members of the main worship team of Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu.

Like most members of the worship team we were all given various tasks. Some were heads of committees, others we’re given the task to speak on certain topics.

I was assigned to share on “Technical Support in Corporate Worship”. I had lost my original outline (with notes and changes), I have instead uploaded a copy of one of my original drafts.:

Technical SupportPassage: 1 Corinthians 12:4-26


Illustration or Story concerning support what role does it play on the church.

II. Are Supporting Gifts Insignificant? We often hear statements like, “I’m JUST the projectionist for this Sunday” or “Not much task is required of me since I’m just sitting down with the computer – quite boring” Let us go to the word of God if there are gifts that are insignificant. (1 Corinthians 12:4-26)

1. GOD is the Source of ALL Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4-6) Skill no matter how big or small comes from the Lord. He gives us abilities for His use. We are given different talents not for diversity but to fill different parts in the Worship Team. We cannot be all worship leaders, we cannot be all drummers, there is a need for different roles in the ministry. Imagine a Worship Team where all members were drummers, or all members back-up vocals and no one lead.

2. It is a CALLING from GOD. (1 Corinthians 12:11) Not just anybody can be part of the Worship Team. Our roles, trivial as they may seem cannot be “assigned” just to anyone. Although our skills can be learned by anyone it is God who CALLS US which results to a heart of commitment.

3. ALL Gifts belong to ONE BODY, The Church of Christ (1 Corinthians 12:12-20) We cannot say that we are just a part of the support or sound crew, that we are not really part of the team. We must not take for granted the tasks that we have committed to do. The smallest bones in the human body are the stapes (“stirrup”), incus (“anvil”), and malleus (“hammer”) – around 0.1 to 0.13 inches long, they make up the inner ear. If either one of them is damaged we would partially or totally lose our hearing.

4. ALL Gifts are Interdependent (1 Corinthians 12:21-26) What does interdependent mean? It is when 2 or more things are dependent on each other.

III. Significance (Importance)

1. Use technology to reinforce worship. Using technology in worship is not about impressing people that we are “up to date”. Rather, it’s about making use of it to facilitate better communication. It is crucial to remember that the technology is only the delivery vehicle for what we want to communicate and express – it’s a means, not an end. Technology can be of great help, however too much technology can be a hindrance.

2. Use technology to solve problems and meet needs. – As our churches grow we cannot deny the fact that our music database would also grow with it. Gone are the days of using an overhead projector and storing songs on acetate film on a filing cabinet which is prone to damage or loss.

Today we use hard discs, computers, or even the internet to digitally store songs, this gives us an almost infinite capacity which can be conveniently backed-up several times. -Presenter programs like EasyWorship, ProPresenter, and Media Shout have also facilitated in the organizing and projection of lyrics, verses, sermons, and even videos that enhances the complete worship experience. – Communication is another problem that churches have.

It is common for small start-up churches to use Karaoke machines for sound applications. Which comes with limited control that results in terrible sound quality. When these churches grow, sound equipment is the last on their list of priorities. They often forget that music or words would become useless if they cannot be clearly conveyed.

Today we have sound boards and equipment that can centrally control and manipulate almost every aspect of sound so that it can be heard clearly in every corner of our sanctuaries.

3. Technology creates convenience – the convenience of portability and the ease and speed of being able to create a line-up or call a song’s lyrics at the click of a mouse is a great convenience for both congregation and worship team.

We no longer have to wait or painstakingly search folder after folder for song lyrics. – worship practices and even the worship service itself can be recorded, the worship team can then listen and evaluate themselves and learn. – new songs can be handily emailed or brought to practice and be learned at an individual or the team’s pace.

4. Technology allows us to be more creative – We cannot deny the fact that we live in a visual world. We judge things by how we see them. Technology allows us to leverage on our hidden talents to augment the worship experience. – It also allows us to make corrections to the sound system and adjust our set-up to our environment’s requirements. We can mimic or digitally add instruments (that we don’t have) to our songs.

5. Technology needs to be invested in – At times we fail to consider that technology requires discipline. It demands training of the right people to maximize it’s full potential. It requires constant maintenance to keep it running. It also requires constant upgrades to help it keep up with our ever growing needs



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